OhioFirst.Net Data Collection: Interactive Map


Ohio performed a comprehensive, county-by-county coverage review process from October 2015 to September 2016 to determine Ohio stakeholder needs from FirstNet. These coverage reviews allowed each stakeholder in the state to articulate their coverage needs in a manner that they can take ownership of, and stand behind when evaluating whether to adopt FirstNet’s service. This study including collection and analysis of CAD data from nearly every Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in the state and performing interviews with over 400 first responders and support personnel. 


Explore our findings in the interactive map below!



The map contains eight different layers:

CAD Incidents: A heatmap rendering the frequency of incidents in half square-mile bins (note: CAD data is only available from 74 counties and the State Highway Patrol).

Critical Service Area: Areas where interviewees reported needing dedicated FirstNet service first and most reliably.

Extended Service Area: Areas where interviewees reported coverage issues.

Coverage Phases 1-5: The geographic area, in roughly 20% of the land area of the state per phase, the Ohio stakeholders require FirstNet to provide dedicated public safety service in over five discrete one-year phases.


More Information

Check out our Publications section to review the full report, including additional detail on the project methodology, lessons learned, and the inputs to each coverage phase.