OhioFirst.Net Implementation Project

The OhioFirst.Net Implementation Project (OFIP) is a project to ensure the ultimate delivery of a statewide, mission-critical LTE cellular data network for first responders in the Ohio. Through this project, the State will work with the US First Responder Network Authority to deploy the system statewide.

For information on all project deliverables, see below, or Read the full plan here.


Key Personnel:

Rick Schmahl  richard.schmahl@das.ohio.gov
Brandon Abley babley@televate.com
Rick Burke  rburke@televate.com
Elizabeth Herring eherring@televate.com
Gregory Berquist berquist@acgltd.com
Liz Kheng kheng@acgltd.com


OFIP Review

A critical review of the State’s existing SLIGP grant applications and subsequent status reports, and other related communications and interoperability planning documents to provide a baseline understanding of the State’s current status in broadband planning as it relates to this project. This document deliverable produced at the conclusion of this task is intended to inform OhioFirst.Net stakeholders in a single, easily-referenced and easy-to-understand resource. 

User Surveys and Population Projection

A stakeholder entity list and the user population projection for OFIP through the development of targeted surveys, phone conversations 

and informal Requests For Information. The ultimate objective of this task is to develop a reasonably and reliable projection of all potential NPSBN subscribers in Ohio at or near launch of the service, assuming that the State of Ohio’s launch requirements are met by the service, along with a statement of their respective broadband network requirements.

ATST will develop targeted surveys designed to develop an empirical basis and stakeholder statement for the State’s requirements. These surveys will gather information on topics such as devices, applications, and services required by the State’s stakeholders, specific barriers to adoption, required timetables for major features, and other issues of interest to the State and the SIEC.


Point of Contact (POC) Survey

The purpose of the POC survey is to develop a database of NPSBN contacts for all eligible user agencies throughout the State of Ohio. 


User Population Projection

The purpose of the User Population survey is provide the actual, quantifiable metrics for OFIP including user population, specific barriers to adoption, adoption rates based on availability of “value-added” features, and adoption rates over time. The survey is to be completed by the POC identified in the POC survey. 

The contents of User Population Survey will be vetted by OFIP workgroups. 

Informal RFI

Assessment of viable public-private partnerships for FirstNet implementation in the State of Ohio. The State does not seek to complete a formal RFI, but the state is interested in an informal assessment of public/private partnerships that warrant future study.



Volunteer, subject-matter specific workgroups collaboratively developing requirements to best represent ALL of Ohio’s communications needs.

Education and Outreach

Our plan includes a 360° multimedia outreach and education approach to ensure maximum stakeholder reach. We will deliver a consistent and inspiring message to stakeholders through targeted use of web, face-to-face meetings and print. 

Web Training

Web-based multimedia training on the following topics:

  • Introduction to OhioFirst.Net and Public Safety Broadband
  • Wireless Data Technologies for the non-Technical Person
  • LTE for Radio Experts
  • Public Safety Broadband for the PSAP
  • Data Interoperability

Sustainability and Implementation Plan

As a final deliverable, after collecting all quantifiable information available throughout the State of Ohio, beginning the formal consultation process with FirstNet and receiving final direction from the State and SIEC as to the type of business model the State will pursue, we will develop a comprehensive implementation and sustainability plan. This place is the culmination of the work created under OFIP.

The exact direction and content of the plan is highly dependent on findings throughout OFIP tasks, inputs from potential private partners, NTIA/FirstNet requirements for SLIGP Phase 2 and the Ohio-FirstNet consultation process which will be ongoing throughout the life of this project. The SLIGP Implementation and Sustainability Plan will incorporate all OFIP findings and will prepare the State with a working plan to implement and sustain the NPSBN within the state of Ohio.

This deliverable includes one of two parts of the SLIGP Implementation and Sustainability Plan as supported by SLIGP Phase 1.