02/08/2018: OhioFirst.Net Next Generation Command Virtual Reality Experience!

We are proud to announce that a virtual reality experience for the OhioFirst.Net Next Generation Command suite is now available. Experience the life-saving potential of enhanced situational awareness--now in virtual reality. Get it at!.

12/27/2017: Save the Date: OhioFirst.Net Public Safety Broadband Meeting January 17th

OhioFirst.Net will be holding a meeting for Public Safety Broadband on January 17th, 2018! Discussion topics will include:

  • Public Safety Broadband
  • Practical considerations for adoption public safety broadband
  • Public safety case studies

Please mark your calendars!

Location is to be determined in or around downtown Columbus.

11/30/2017: Ohio opts in to FirstNet!

Ohio has opted in to FirstNet's plan for implementation of the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband network, making us the 33rd state to opt in! More information about FirstNet's service is available at

2/21/2017: OhioFirst.Net Mini Documentary: Public Safety Broadband Pilot Network Pilot Projects  

Dedicated public safety broadband is not just coming, it’s already here—and it’s in Ohio today. 

This video tells the story about a series of exciting projects where we deployed dedicated band 14 cellular networks for real-world events and exercises including multiple OSU football games and a three-day exercise in Beavercreek Township.

What the video now!

10/12/2016: Interactive Coverage Map

Explore Now!

Ohio performed a comprehensive, county-by-county coverage review process from October 2015 to September 2016 to determine Ohio stakeholder needs from FirstNet. Explore our findings via our interactive map! 

5/22/2016 Next Generation Firefighter Video Game Available!

Visualize the life-saving potential of public safety grade high-speed data and 3D positioning to enhance your situational awareness when time matters most. 

Find out more and download now!

5/2/2016: Sign up for Our LTE Pilots!

We are excited to invite public safety stakeholders to sign up for our Public Safety LTE Demo in Beavercreek, Ohio! Click below for more information and to sign up to participate in this exciting event.

1/4/2016: OhioFirst.Net January 2016 Newsletter

Download Now!

We are proud to announce our first newsletter for 2016. We are happy to reflect on our achievements in 2015 and those to come in 2016. Download it here!

6/16/2015: Meeting Materials from Initial Consultation Meeting Available On our Website

Thank you for all who attended our initial consultation meeting with FirstNet last week! Find all presentation slides and meeting minutes here.

11/16/2015: "What is 'FirstNet'?" Video

This short, 6-minute training video explains what FirstNet means for the state of Ohio, including opting in versus opting out and the consultation process. Watch it here!


9/18/2015: FirstNet Highlights Ohio Initial Consultation Meeting

FirstNet highlighted our initial consultation meeting, and in particular, our excellent use cases presented at the meeting. Read more here!



9/2/2015: "What is LTE?" Training Video

This 13-minute video from provides an overview of the 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) technology and why it is such an important topic in public safety communications.



The intended audience includes first responders, elected officials, agency directors and other stakeholders that do not come from a technical background.

Watch the video now!

8/10/2015: State of Ohio Response to FirstNet Special Notice

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FirstNet published a Draft RFP and Special Notice on April 27, 2015. The State of Ohio's response is available here.

6/16/2015: Meeting Materials from Initial Consultation Meeting Available On our Website

Thank you for all who attended our initial consultation meeting with FirstNet last week! Find all presentation slides and meeting minutes here.

5/29/2015: May 2015 User Population Survey Newsletter

Our May 2015 Newsletter describes our landmark OhioFirst.Net UserPop Survey and provides a guide to the information you will need to prepare to provide a complete response.

Download Now!

4/17/2015: "What is 'Broadband'?" Training Video


We are proud to announce the first in our NPSBN video training series, "What is 'Broadband'?"! This module provides a common-sense, non-technical presentation of the term "broadband". Watch it here!


4/1/2015: Library page up!

We have added a reference library full of helpful content to help you learn more about FirstNet and the OhioFirst.Net program! Check it out here! 

3/10/2015: FAQs and Acronyms pages!

We have added Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Acronyms pages. If you have a question that isn't answered on these pages, or an acronym you don't see on our list, please contact Kelly Castle at! 

2/17/2015: OFIP POC Survey Released!

Today, we launched the OhioFirst.Net Implementation Project Point-of-Contact Survey. This is the first of two surveys to assess user requirements throughout the state. This invite-only survey was sent to over 3000 public safety and support organizations throughout the state.

If you are a responsible for communications for an Ohio public safety agency, take the survey here:

2/10/2015: March Newsletter published!

We are proud to announce that we have published our first newsletter! We will be issuing newsletters no less than quarterly to keep stakeholders educated about our program.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure successful deployment of a mission-critical cellular network for public safety in Ohio. This network is called the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network and is separate from commercial cellular networks used by consumers.

We will reach our goal through outreach and education about the potential for public safety broadband, business case development, executing the consultation process with FirstNet, and leveraging public/private partnerships to support the network.

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